CATCHING TECHNOLOGY, an industry-leading optical material developer, focuses on research and development in the fields of Photon Transport Model Researching, Optical Structure Designing, Ultra-high Precision Machining, Optical Materials Manufacturing and Multidimensional Image Processing. We target the global market, and devote to resolving issues for the key industries and strategic customers.

After sustained accumulation of research and development, CATCHING TECHNOLOGY has numerous research and development achievements in the world's leading position and has obtained the corresponding international invention patents in Micro-nano materials, LED optical lighting materials, 3D optical materials, CGH materials and other fields, which are widely used in electronics, LED lighting, printing, anti-counterfeiting and other fields.

CATCHING TECHNOLOGY has a leading research and development team covering optics, materials, chemistry, graphics and software technology, and has formed a well-established R&D system. Besides, a perfect supply chain system has also been constructed, through the establishment of strategic cooperative partnership with industry leading enterprises.

CATCHING TECHNOLOGY always attaches importance to the real needs of market and customers, and regards the products’ quality as survival fundamental. CATCHING TECHNOLOGY has a series of scientific method including rigorous technical arguments, high precision machining technology and reliable management and control system, thus a strong support and guarantee is provided for the delivery of high quality production.

CATCHING TECHNOLOGY will persist in continuous technological innovation and create much more new values for customers. CATCHING TECHNOLOGY is devoted to be the world leading optical materials manufacturer.

Three-dimensional Optical Structure Design
CATCHING TECHNOLOGY has a rich experience in 3D optical structural design, and independently develops the corresponding software for data processing which makes the optical structure and optical function perfect matching by means of parametric analysis and optimization on optical structure.
Photon Transport Model Algorithm
By use of the optical structure simulation technique of CATCHING TECHNOLOGY, we track the propagation path of light using ray tracing model based on the Monte Carlo method, and then simulate the reflection, refraction and scatteration of light on the surface of materials, furtherly analyze the overall visual effect presented by different optical structures, which can guide the structural design better.
Ultra-microstructure Processing Technology
CATCHING TECHNOLOGY has international leading ultrastructure processing technique, and processing precision is up to nanometer level through which the ultrastructure mold production can be realized by use of the advanced laser direct writing technology combined with microelectronics processing technology within this field.
Computer-generated Holography
CATCHING TECHNOLOGY has advanced CGH technique, and the amplitude and phase of light can be fully recorded by using the method of numerical calculation with computer, it has characteristics of low noise, high repeatability. Using this technique, any or even nonexistent image of an object can be recorded.
Micro-lens Three-dimensional Optical Technology
A stable, clear and non-directional glasses-free 3D effect can be achieved by using micro lens array in the 3D images’ recording and reconstruction.

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